Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Gary Magee has been my Aviation Medical Examiner for over 10 years and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and that of his staff.  He is very friendly and has a great "Bedside Manner", making the Medical Examination a very comfortable experience.  He is astute in giving advice and suggestions for health improvement when required without a hint of a threatening tone.  I have had several Medical Examiners in the past that were tardy and incorrect with my medical paperwork but I have never experienced this with Dr. Magee and his staff.  I will continue to see him every six months and I highly recommend this gentleman for your pilot Medical Examinations."

Sid White - MSc; - Civil Aviation Inspector (Ret'd)

"Over the years I have found Dr. Magee's experience and knowledge very helpful for both my aviation related and general health concerns. Being a pilot himself gives him a great deal of insight into the concerns and needs of pilots.”   

JP A320 Captain

Dr Gary Magee has been my Aviation Physician for the last 22 years; he is knowledgeable, personable, respectful and highly competent. I never one day felt rushed in any of my appointments and I always felt that he had my wellness and health at heart. His staff are friendly and polite and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Anyone looking for an Aviation Physician, I would highly recommend the services of Dr Gary Magee. I rate him 10/10.

 Hensley Duncan
Air Canada Jazz
Captain (CRJ) Toronto

“Gary has been my doctor since I moved to Toronto, the service he provides has been excellent!  I understand his stick and rudder skills are impressive as well!”

Mark Dixon ATPL, PE, ACP, MBA

 "Dr. Gary Magee has been my CAME and family doctor for over a dozen years. Over that time he has been extremely diligent in ensuring that that my medical category as a pilot has remained in force. As well, on the family side, he has been superb in handling a couple of medical situations that could have jeopardized my ability to continue flying. I am an ex-military pilot so I really treasure the opportunity to continue flying.”  

Paul Hayes

 "I have known Dr. Gary Magee for over 22-years.  I first came to him as a young 19-year old with ambitions of taking to the skies in what I hoped would be my dream career.  The medical exam was my first daunting step but Dr. Magee’s straightforward and friendly demeanour put me at ease immediately.  Since then I have looked forward to every visit with Dr. Magee as it provides us an opportunity to catch up, have a few laughs, talk about the business we are both so passionate about and yes, complete the requisite examinations in his effortless manner.   He is my trusted aviation medical examiner and I would highly recommend Dr. Magee to anyone who is looking for one."

Piyush Gandhi
Director, Flight Operations
Porter Airlines Inc.

"I have been using Dr. Gary Magee for my recurrent medicals for years. The reception staff are always friendly and understanding. Dr. Magee is always professional and very friendly and congenial. I am a private pilot of 23 years and past president of The Buttonville Flying Club. WL"

"I have been flying as a commercial and a corporate pilot since the early 1970’s and Dr. Gary Magee has been giving me my MOT medicals since the early 1980’s.  I find the doctor and his staff positive towards the Aviation community.  Based on my experience, I would not consider going anywhere else."

Malcolm Ducharme  AA97346

 "Dr. Gary Magee has been my aviation doctor for many, many years.  I look forward to my yearly visits with Gary as he is always upbeat and informative.  Gary is immersed in aviation and has helped many pilots over the years."

Kenneth Stricker

 "I've been working with Dr. Magee for more years than I can remember. I live in Burlington so why I decided to go to Thornhill is hard to figure, except I recognize quality and that's what I get with Dr. Magee. A few years ago in a snowboarding accident,  I suffered a serious head injury and lost my medical for a year. Gary helped me get it back and I've never had a problem since. 

If there is nothing fundamentally wrong and you need an ally on the medical side, Dr. Magee is your man. A pilot himself with empathy, he is the best AME I have ever had."

Sincerely, Sandy Thomson